Race around the Netherlands 2020

As a result of the corona crisis, the start of RATN2020 will be postponed to August 29th. I have other plans in that period and will therefore not participate.

I’m seeing so many posts about what’s going to happen with the race etc. and honestly just wanted to share my thoughts… I hope organisers don’t mind me writing this…Robbie Ferri

I won’t write “You will be fine mate” or “It will be fine, you will love it” Because nobody knows. It depends whether the weather is OK and if not, whether you can cope with the circumstances you have to deal with. I’m sure that there will be moments that you aren’t fine and that you won’t love it. Like there are moments that you will be fine and will love it. Don’t panic, get on your bike and don’t worry or cancel your participation. May be that sounds not very friendly, but there is no point in trying to pacify wild animals by playing music.Herman Mandemakers