Robbie about the RatN…

I’m seeing so many posts about what’s going to happen with the race etc. and honestly just wanted to share my thoughts... I hope organisers don’t mind me writing this...

Firstly the organisers probably have the same information as us so I’m sure as soon as they know what’s happening they will get hold of you (e-mail was in my inbox today) it must be a tough time for them, the effort they have to put into these races is much more than a racer has to, so I feel we all have to respect that and give them some space, let them contact us not to chase them about. Assume everything is fine unless told otherwise, eg no point worrying about something that might not happen!

Secondly If it doesn’t go ahead it’s for our own safety, I don’t want to get Ill or make others Ill, if there’s no hotels I don’t fancy sleeping on the road on a long cold rainy night so if it’s called off then I completely accept it’s for the best for all of us.

Thirdly I would advise to continue training and get all the miles in ready for the race, I know we’re all getting a little bit fed up on base miles and power sessions but don’t let the chance you might not be racing change all the hard work you have done all ready.

Lastly if your in lockdown use this time to study the route learn where the shops are, see what’s 24h and what isn’t, pick wise hotels and be realistic with a plan of action. I would also try to perfect backing all the stuff on your bike. Try not to be unorganised it’s such a waste of time, when your tired, cold, wet, hungry and it’s dark you want to know exactly where your gloves and jacket is. Read about people’s previous experiences, look at the weather don’t pack to much or to little.

Even if it doesn’t go ahead everything you will learn on the run up will be so valuable for anything you do in the future so use this time to get it right 😁.